HMI has a well-stocked library of about 30,145 volumes, mostly related to the study of religions, cultures and interfaith issues. The library receives about 100 national and international periodicals, magazines and journals on religious studies and interfaith relations. An annual budget of Rs. 300,000 (7,500 US$) is allocated for the development and expansion of the library holdings and facilities. A Library Advisory Committee provides recommendations and directions for the library’s development and its collection of books and journals. The library receives assistance, from time to time, from volunteers, sponsors, partners of HMI and other church institutions. The library catalogue is computerized.

Study Of Religions

The library has a good collection of books, journals and articles in the field of religion.

Islamic Studies

The library hosts a sizeable number of works on Islamic Studies in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English. It contains numerous modern translations in English of Arabic classical literature on various Islamic disciplines.

Christian Studies

The library houses a sizeable collection of books on Church history, missions, theology, including Indian Christian theologies, and Christology. Important Biblical studies and reference books on the subject are also available.

The library also has a good collection of important books and sacred literature related to Indic religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Books relating to modern religious movements are also available.

Interfaith Relations

Interfaith relations being one of the main concerns of the Institute, the library hosts an impressive collection of books on the subject.

Women’s Studies

The library has modest collection of books on women and gender-related issues.

Secularism And Religious Fundamentalism

The library houses a good collection of important studies relating to secularism and religious fundamentalism.

Peace-Making, Mediation And Reconciliation

These themes are among the important concerns of the Institute. The library contains some important published material on peace-making, mediation and reconciliation.

Reference services to the library are free of cost. In addition to this free service, one may become a member of the HMI library.