Conflict Transformation

Conflict Tranformation

HMI’s Conflict Transformation Programme facilitates learning, capacity building and agency through study, training and engagement with local peoples and organizations engaged in peace and justice work. It strives to integrate scholarship and good practices from the fields of conflict and peace studies, justice and human rights, social movements, political economy and globalization, women and gender studies, development, religion and subaltern studies. Activists, practitioners and scholars are constantly invited to help the staff, students and course/workshop participants to gain deeper insights and practical skills for doing peace and justice work.


HMI’s Conflict Transformation Programme engages communities, religious and secular organizations, non-governmental and community-based organizations, social movement organizations and educational institutes as a facilitating companion in their journeys towards peaceful transformation of conflicts. We assist individuals, groups and organizations to gain better understanding, skills and processes that can help build peace. Our work can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Undertaking peace initiatives for the promotion of reconciliation and healing within and between conflicting groups, communities and organizations.
  • Facilitation and consultation that can help peace practitioners and other stakeholders work for just peace.
  • Building and nurturing the capacity and skills of peace practitioners through participatory peace-based workshops, internships, mentoring and support, exposure visits, supporting individual initiatives, and promoting production of audio-visuals and art work.
  • Integrating gender perspectives to develop better understanding of conflicts and ways to transform them.
  • Helping individuals and organizations to understand better the structural, cultural and economic dimensions of neo-liberal globalization and how it is related to changes that affect their lives.
  • Supporting communities, organizations and individuals in developing strategies and mechanisms that help build leadership, promote inter-group work and cultivate peace.

Our Mission

HMI’s Conflict Transformation Programme seeks to promote awareness for peaceful, co-operative and non-violent responses to conflict and to support institutions, communities, groups and individuals in the application of such responses. Central to our mission is the empowerment of people through training, skill development, study and mentoring.

Our Vision

  • Nurturing processes and structures that enable people to respectfully share and listen to different perspectives.
  • Strengthening processes that recognize, accept and celebrate people’s diversity, whether individual, ethnic, linguistic, religious, political, cultural or any other kind.
  • Building relationships between people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs as a crucial element to enrich our human experience and live in harmony.
  • Encouraging the study of social movements and struggles for justice, rights and equality.
  • Enabling people to see peace-building as multi-dimensional in nature and assisting in evolving practices that help bring about positive social change.
  • Networking and supporting collaboration between individuals and groups advocating peace and justice.

Henry Martyn Institute

Major Activities

  • Participatory peace-based workshops in collaboration with local organizations and groups in Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, and Gujarat.
  • Regional-level workshops which provide space for peace practitioners working on conflicts to share experiences, listen to different perspectives and narratives and to build networks.
  • Facilitating people-to-people dialogues to connect individuals who are engaged in addressing issues.
  • Working with women’s organizations and women leaders to strengthen women’s participation and leadership in addressing social, cultural and economic issues.
  • Collaborating with organizations, communities and groups to analyse conflicts and seek ways that could help move things in a positive direction.
  • Providing internship opportunities for individuals to strengthen their skills.
  • Engaging in initiatives with schools to promote peace, equality, inclusiveness and respect.
  • Promoting initiatives with individuals to use art and music for peace, justice and reconciliation.
  • Trainings, exposure visits for awareness of ecological farming, permaculture, use of indigenous seeds, food forests etc., and support for working on model farms for sustainable land use and reducing losses to biodiversity.