Community Development

Community Development

The Henry Martyn Institute seeks to promote a culture of peace and tolerance and strengthen traditional resources and motifs in order to encourage greater acceptance of India’s plurality of cultures and religions. The Institute runs a Community Development programme, based in communally-sensitive areas of the Old City of Hyderabad. The programme aims at fostering goodwill and helping to bridge the gap between different faith communities.


To work in riot-prone areas on ways to build supportive and sustaining relationships between communities through development and empowerment, leading towards peace and cessation of communal violence.


1.Building capacities of individuals in the community and project staff to channelize their energies to think and act for peace.

2.To facilitate the formation of community-based ownership of the projects by promoting grassroots leadership.

3.To promote HMI’s practical model of peace-building through community development among different conflicting communities.

Community Development Programs

The program operates through five Aman Shanti Community centres in the Old City of Hyderabad. In these centres, HMI conducts a range of programs that help communities (especially individuals from Hindu and Muslim background) in grassroots work with local participation and leadership to improve the quality of life based on local needs. The major beneficiaries of these programs are women, children and youth from these communities. The programs encourage attitudinal changes and help to broaden the scope of community efforts to build a peaceful society.

Henry Martyn Institute

The activities at our community centers include

  • Interfaith School
  • Women’s unit
  • Health Clinic
  • Income-generation activities
  • Programs for Young Men- (Youth for Peace)
  • Literacy/Education programs
  • Cultural exchange and Social Education programs
  • Relief work
  • Internship and Mentoring